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We know that manufacturers are navigating a period of intense change. Our research uncovers the skills manufacturers need most to successfully navigate transformation and prosper in this new industrial era.

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FeaturedFinancial Stress Impacts Your Business

Manufacturing workers are financially stressed, which can lead to distractions on the job and increased absenteeism. Helping relieve some of that stress is a smart business decision.

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Manufacturing Perspectives Video Interviews

Influential industry leaders discuss manufacturing workforce challenges, industrial transformation, and the benefits of embracing change.

Manufacturing in Motion:
Transforming For A New Industrial Era

This research program, sponsored by Prudential and developed by The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), explores the challenges facing today's manufacturing executives and the opportunities presented by a new era of industrial change.

Insights from a Survey of More Than 500 Manufacturing Executives

This infographic explores key insights from the recent research, including how manufacturing executives are planning for a new industrial era, their shifting talent needs and what the most innovative and tech-forward companies are doing differently.

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U.S. Manufacturing: Gaining Strength Through Change

History shows that technological change—while disruptive—revitalizes manufacturing in new and unexpected ways. It can also create vast opportunities over the long term for those that embrace it.

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A New Industrial Revolution: Building the Future of U.S. Manufacturing

The Fourth Industrial Revolution, or ‘Industry 4.0,’ is reshaping the U.S. manufacturing industry and offering unprecedented opportunities to businesses.

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How can you secure your employees’ future while also navigating a period of intense change? At Prudential Retirement®, we’ve helped many manufacturers address this challenge by aligning their retirement plan with their broader business goals.

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