A Retirement Plan that Supports Your Business Goals

What if your retirement plan could help you improve the quality of your workforce? Or if it could generate sophisticated data to help you avoid future costs? Or what if it could identify ways to lower total employee compensation without lowering individual employee salaries?

At Prudential, we hold our retirement plans to a higher standard. To us they’re more than just savings accounts for employees. By proactively consulting with you, we create a multi-year strategy that allows your plan to play an important role in the financial success of your business.

Our goal is to create a responsive financial vehicle that grows and changes with you. And equally as important, continues to guide your valued workforce toward a comfortable retirement.

Help Make Today’s Retirement Plan Feel as Secure as Yesterday’s Pension

Prudential provides innovative solutions to not only help your employees grow their assets but also protect them against many risks, including market and longevity risks. Prudential can help you structure your defined contribution plan so that once your workers retire, they can rely on a guaranteed income stream for the rest of their lives. This provides a "pension-like" experience within a DC plan.

Making Your Retirement Plan Work for You

Prudential’s innovative approach to retirement allows you access to powerful, actionable information that can help you to transform your company. Prudential can:

  • Provide data to show you how your retirement plan stacks up against specific direct competitors
  • Quantify inefficiencies in your plan and offer solutions
  • Help you incentivize all your workers to save for retirement
  • Structure your plan to provide a higher level of benefits to those employees you rely on most
  • Help lower your company’s healthcare, disability and vacation expenditures by keeping employees on track to retire on time

A Scientific Approach to Participant Engagement

To get people to plan for retirement, you have to first figure out why they don’t. Our behavioral scientists helped us identify the universal behaviors that keep people from planning. This knowledge heavily influences our program.

Studies show our approach produces results. The tools and resources we’ve made available to workers successfully encourage them to contribute more robustly to their plan, take charge of their investments and allocate assets more effectively.

Award-winning Plan Transition Support1

At Prudential, we’ve helped many manufacturers like you transition their retirement plan to our platform—and we’ve consistently won awards for our plan conversion strategies. That’s because we structure every aspect of our transition support to ensure the experience is seamless while positioning your plan for a better future.

1Prudential has won 1st place EDDY Awards in 2016 and 1st place PSCA Awards in 2016 and 2017.

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